#1 Maths App on Google Play
King of Math is continuously placed as the #1 maths app on Google Play. And that's for a reason.

Let's try this, it's free!

It's a game of thrones.
You start off as a simple farmer and score points by solving mental math challenges. Soon you'll become lord, but few are predestined to rule as KING.

I am strong and I will do it!

100s of challenges await you
Addition, Subtraction, Fraction, Equalities, Geometrics, Statistics — it's all in there. Level up your math-skills now!

Level up my math skills for free!

king of math crown official

There is only one throne. For one King.

Are you a strong ruler over the 9 kingdoms?
 kingdom-addition kingdom-average-and-median kingdom-division
kingdom-equation kingdom-fractions kingdom-gcd-lcm-greatest-common-denominator-least-common-multiple
kingdom-multiplication kingdom-powers-and-roots kingdom-substraction

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