Did you know that you can learn math by playing video games? Here are five good reasons why you should let your child experiment with math in a safe game environment.


1. Feedback

Instant feedback gives you the opportunity to correct a mistake or know that you are on the right path. Good educational video games give the player instant feedback and motivate them to keep trying, making it possible for kids to learn at their own pace.


2. Variation

Mathematics is usually taught on a black board, or by cramming problems from a workbook. Video games make it possible to change things up a little. They give the students a whole new way to interacting with the subject.


3. Time on task

Cramming is a tedious, yet necessary task when it comes to learning the algorithms needed to solve math problems. Video games present new challenges in quick succession and motivate students to advance.


4. Learn at your own pace

It is unrealistic to expect everyone to learn everything at the same pace. A good learning game allows children to learn things without time pressure.


5. Learning from your mistakes

Games provide a safe environment for kids to try and fail without consequences. Instead of being demotivating, games can make failure as fun as success.

5 great reasons why your child should learn math by playing video games

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