King of Math is a unique brain training game which contains several mini-activities that work towards enhancing your mental arithmetic.


King of Math — The perfect math learning app

Over 10 000 000 aspiring heros day for day fight for the first place in this “game of thrones” — Being king and rule all empires to great wealth.
At the same time, they improve their mental maths skills significantly by answering thousands of questions.
You can download King of Math on your Android mobile phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Cliq and more!

Game of Thrones and a Math Trainer,
that must be the perfect combination!

king of math is fun, yummy math like love it
Yumm! Math is tasty!


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parent-why children adults and elderly love it
Why children, adults and elderly love it!

Why children use it

Children will benefit from the technology, particularly to speed up mental arithmetic and get quicker working out those sums. Getting good at such arithmetic is a life long skill and will benefit them for years to come.

Why adults love it

Keep your brain active and alert and use Math Workout to really enhance your ability to make relatively complicated calculations quickly. Compete with friends and family or against other players around the world.

Why elderly adore it

As we get older, some of us usually experience a gradual loss in mental abilities such as thinking, remembering and reasoning. These are common symptoms of dementia. Mental activity is believed to slow the progress of certain types of dementia, so keeping the brain active by doing puzzles and crosswords is recommended. Math Workout stimulates the mind!

King of Math for Android

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