Addition has been one of the major math skills that have managed to build our society and economy as a whole. It’s also one of the 9 important kingdoms of math that you have to rule as the ultimate, best king of math!

kingdom-additionThanks to addition and math we have started to create the means to trade with one another, find jobs and obtain the best possible results in everything that we do. Knowing addition is mandatory for everyone that wants to live in a society which is dependent on math and it does help us quite a lot to say the least.

Thanks to addition our society has the ability to manage itself from a financial and trading standpoint, but it also helps us interact with one another and solve any monetary issues that find along the way. This is by far the most basic yet important skill that any person can have and it does help offer a great perspective when it comes to finding a job.

What can you do with math?

There are plenty of situations where addition can come in handy, ranging from finding a job that focuses on using this skill to making accurate purchases without being cheated of any money. It also helps you focus on budgeting and, in the long run, it can offer you the perfect way to manage your finances efficiently for any major event in your life. Be it a wedding or vacation, all these events will be a lot simpler and better with a skill like addition.

Adding apples as an intro to maths
3 + 2 = 5 apples. A popular example :).

In addition, addition is a mandatory topic for kids and it’s very important for them to master it properly if they want to get into a better school and have better grades.

What can you build afterwards?

Addition is the basis for many skills ranging from multiplication to division and so on. Understanding it is a mandatory mental workout and with enough practice you can easily reach a great result. You can use an android game to test your mathematical/cs skills and thanks to it you can master addition then move to other important features like multiplication. Each one of the mathematical operations relate to addition in their way, especially multiplication, which is why you have to learn addition properly before you move to any complicated ventures.

Addition was the first math operation and it has actually managed to create a variety of math games based on that. An interesting android game that uses addition quite heavily is Sudoku for example but there are many other puzzle based games which focus on using this skill.

If you like the idea of conquering all math kingdoms then you definitely need to focus on and start with addition. Once you harness the power of addition you can become the king of math. All you have to do is to download our app and enjoy the amazing learning experience provided here. It really is an extraordinary, fun and educational way to understand the power of math, so don’t hesitate and be the king of addition, download our android app and use this game to boost your skills!

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Addition is cool!

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